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Live a Meaningful Life

This blog records my online interactions and offline encounters that are worth sharing.


Books. Articles. Websites.


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From The Blog

Below are the three latest posts.

What You Become

I’ve been going to the gym in the morning on work weeks for about three years now. Recently, I’ve developed a ritual where I listened to something motivational during my 10-minute warmup on a cardio machine, before hitting weights. Thanks to Spotify, I get a plethora of motivational speeches. They are short and sweet. Usually

Jan 12, 2021 Admin

Serena the Dancer

I’m very proud of my 7-year-old daughter. Serena is working on a Flexibility Progress Program as part of her dance program with Dansko. The FPP consists of three stretches (right splits, left splits, and straddle splits), and little dancers have to hold each stretch for three minutes every day for 31 days. She forgot to

Jan 07, 2021 Admin

Micro-Habits from Parmar

This article popped up in my feeds today: 20 Realistic Micro-Habits to Live Better Every Day: https://medium.com/the-ascent/20-realistic-micro-habits-to-live-better-every-day-df1731a2cd41 Author Amardeep Parmar offered 20 micro-habits for us to live a little better every day. He drew on the research by BJ Fogg in “Tiny Habits” and the Japanese concept of Kaizen. It’s a pretty good list. The

Jan 05, 2021 Admin

Plan for what is difficult while it is easy; do what is great while it is small.

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