Daily Archives: January 11, 2015


Training Laura

Laura and I met at the gym today.  I went over all the exercises I assigned her to do for the January workout.  It took two and a half hours to go over the list, but I’m glad we got through it.  I’m sure it was a bit information overload for her, but I’m confident that she will do well.  While I was putting the program together for her, I got all nostalgic about my personal training days.  I was a trainer for nine years (2003-2012).  Can’t believe that’s behind me already.  Kinda wish I could have kept going, but I needed a focus in my life.  Sacrifices had to be made.  Training Laura was a nice reminder of my past career.  Who knows, maybe at one point in my life, I’ll cross this path again and pick up training.  One way or another.  Sports and fitness are in my blood.  I can’t live without exercising!

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