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Micro-Habits from Parmar

This article popped up in my feeds today:

20 Realistic Micro-Habits to Live Better Every Day: https://medium.com/the-ascent/20-realistic-micro-habits-to-live-better-every-day-df1731a2cd41

Author Amardeep Parmar offered 20 micro-habits for us to live a little better every day. He drew on the research by BJ Fogg in “Tiny Habits” and the Japanese concept of Kaizen. It’s a pretty good list. The following is a list I enjoyed:

  • #1 – Lie on your back and hang your head and shoulders off the bed for up to two minutes.
  • #5 – Balance on one leg when brushing your teeth in the morning and the other leg in the evening.
  • #6 – Make sure your butt goes to the back of anywhere you sit.
  • #8 – Follow the 20-20-20 rule (Set a timer for every 20 minutes to look away from a screen for 20 seconds at an object 20 feet away.)
  • #11 – Always eat before you go shopping.
  • #13 – Drink water before you eat.
  • #14 – Leave a glass of water by your bed when you sleep.
  • #18 – No screens while eating.

Some of these are so good I might try them myself.

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