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Potty Progress

I was not there when the following two incidents happened.  Anya told me about them.  I felt the need to record these.

Sunday, January 24

Serena and Anya met up with some buds at the playground on Cook Street near Dallas Road.  Serena was playing with other kids.  All of a sudden, she stopped and ran to Anya and said, “Mama, I need to go to the potty.”  Anya was surprised, didn’t think Serena was serious, but took her to the bathroom anyway.  Serena peed, in the big girl’s potty.

Monday, January 25

It was after dinner.  My Mom, Griffin and I had left the house to Crownwood.  I have basketball on Monday nights.  Serena and Anya were playing in the living room and just listening to some music.  Suddenly, Serena ran to the bathroom.  A couple of minutes later she came out smiling.  Anya checked and found out S had pooped in the potty.

When Anya told me about these stories, I was overwhelmed with joy and pride.  My little baby girl is growing up.

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