Monthly Archives: March 2011


Marching through March

2011 is quickly marching forward without me even noticing.  January was fairly enjoyable, then February sneaked by with a taste of Valentine.  I can’t believe we are already in March, the end of the first 2011 calendar quarter.

I’m taking two classes this term: Health Information System (HIS) Design and Database Design.  I was taking Jeff Barnett’s Procurement class in January.  I don’t know what I was thinking taking three classes, working full time at the Ministry, and personal training at UVic.  I think I dropped Procurement on the day of its first assignment was due.  I was slowly losing my sanity…

I’ve been enjoying the two classes I’m taking this term.  Certain aspects of the setup of these courses can be improved, but the contents of both classes have been very interesting to me.  Maybe I’m not a big fan of online classes.  I find myself getting distracted during classes easily.  The school records each lecture so that students can listen to them after.  I never have time to listen to them again, although I had to go back to one of Dr. Shabestari’s lectures to hear the System Sequence Diagram (SSD) again for my group project.  I enjoy studying information system design.  Database design is another form of animal, but the object oriented (OO) approach, one of the two approaches to information system design, really lays out how the objects in the system interact with each other.  I see potential thesis opportunity in this area for myself.  The OO approach is no longer new to the people in the industry, but I’m seeing a lack of evaluation in many newly designed HISs in my research.  Another thesis potential?  My goal is to decide on a topic area by the end of this summer.

This semester will be over after April 8, when the 501 group report is due.  After that, I will have four weeks off.  I can’t wait!  Anya and I are gonna take a weekend trip somewhere for some hikes and fresh air.  I’m back at it on May 9th for two two-week, intense workshops on system modeling and simulation in health care and value derivation in health databases.  Oh fun!

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