Monthly Archives: May 2011


The Calm Before the Storm

I had a really relaxing day today. I shot some hoops at the Steve Nash court this morning, mowed the lawn this afternoon and did some house chores, and had an amazing dinner (ribs, salmon, grilled red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, garlic, tomato salad, and garlic bread) with Anya and Boone. I’m now all charged up for summer school, which starts tomorrow.


L – Loyalty
E – Enthusiasm
A – Attitude
D – Discipline
E – Example
R – Respect
S – Scholarliness
H – Honest
I – Integrity
P – Pride

— Warren Buffet’s Management Secrets

Lakers down 3-0

Is this year’s NBA Finals really going to be a re-run of 2006 Finals? Dallas vs. Miami? The dynasty of Lakers vs. Celtics is looking pretty shaky for this year.

3.  0.  Happy birthday, Sarah!

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking focuses on how the object being studied interacts with the other constituents of the system. Systems thinking is very effective in resolving complex problems involving multiple actors, actions and interactions. Systems thinking has its foundation in system dynamics, which was coined by Professor Jay Forrester in 1956. System dynamics is an approach to understanding the behaviour of complex systems over time. One of my summer courses is called System Thinking, Modelling and Simulation in Health Care. Summer school is near!


Leo and I were elected to be sharing the role of President of the Belmont Babblers Club for this year. Uncle Ben’s “with great power comes great responsibility” kept whispering in my ears.

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