Monthly Archives: June 2012



The folks from my division, the Planning and Innovation Division, at the BC Ministry of Health launched the ThinkHealthBC website earlier this year.  The goal is to let British Columbians know what types of health care services are available to them and what kind of things the government is working on with its major care provision partners to improve the health care services in the province.  Here is the video that is worth watching:

Because I Got It Like That

During my spin class this afternoon, I used this song by Jungle Brothers called Because I Got It Like That.  It’s a perfect 4-beat jump set to do on a spin bike.  I could tell that students liked the song and the drill.  One girl was even nodding her head with the beat.  It was pretty awesome!  Now I absolutely love this song!

The Information Diet

Lately, I’ve been researching on topics about linkages between information and calorie consumption, informatics and obesity, and psychological and social behaviours of overconsumption (of either information or fast food).  The book, Thinking in Circles About Obesity, has offered me a different way of thinking about our supersized population and how we got here.  Systems thinking is one of the systems theories I’ll be using in my thesis, and this book has been very timely to my research. 

An information and calorie consumption related article from LinkedIn Today caught my attention this morning.  I love reading weekly articles from LinkedIn Today.  They have topics from various sources on office strategies, managerial tactics, leadership discussions, etc.  The article, I’m Going on an Information Diet, written by Andrea Zellner, caught my attention immediately.  Below is an introductory video on the book, The Information Diet.  It looks like a worthwhile book to read.

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