Monthly Archives: July 2012


The Genomic Revolution

I had lunch with Séamus today.  We are both Pho lovers, so having our monthly Pho lunch has become a tradition.  We talked about business, friends, kids, and then somehow our conversation arrived at genome sequencing.  He was telling me how we can use genome sequencing to cure illnesses and diseases we were never able to in the past.  It was fascinating!  I felt like Séamus was from another planet or the future because I had no idea genetic studies have evolved so much.  Then I realized genome sequencing can be used to promote preventative care.  Yes, it’s quite expensive now.  Based on the video below, genome sequencing is, and will be, becoming cheaper and more affordable.  By November 2012, British Columbians will have a choice to upgrade their health care card to an integrated care card combining BC driver’s license and health care card.  This is another step towards electronic patient health information, integrating demographic, clinical, and medical information, as well as faster and securer access to one’s health information online.  I believe the care card project BC is working on will build a solid foundation for educating citizens and residents of this province how to appropriately manage their health information.  Once a better understanding of one’s physical, mental, and social health, a true preventative care can be obtained and practiced.  Once a prevention oriented lifestyle is amalgamated in our daily living, then we will be more willing to welcome advanced preventative tools like genome sequencing.

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