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Last Day of Movember 2012

I participated in the Movember fundraising event this year.  Anya persuaded me to join Nathan’s team, Royal Moustache Part of Canada.  I didn’t want to do the whole Movember thing.  At the same time, I had never tried not shaving for a month, so I went with the mindset of “what do I have to lose” and gave it a try.  I told myself I could always bail out if it didn’t work out. 

My moustache came in different phases throughout the month.  First, I had a patchy face for a week.  The second week I had a goatee.  I must admit I enjoyed having a goatee.  The third week I shaved the chin hair and kept what it was called the Handle-bars or Fu Manchu.  Whatever it was called; it was dirty.  People on the bus had to look at me twice and slowly move away from me.  I enjoyed the attention.  With the Handle-bars, I went to a Movember party hosted by VSSC (Victoria Sport & Social Club).  I play basketball in that league with my awesome Hammerheads teammates.  To my surprise, I won the Best Mo Award at the party and took home some cool prices.  Thanks to those who voted for me!  Keelan Clemens did a great job being the organizer of the event.  This last week of Movember, I got rid off the handle bars and kept a classic stache.  By this point, my moustache has grown out more and been looking more distinct.  People at work have been given me mixed reviews of my “new” look.  Just for laughs; I enjoyed it, again.  Today is the last day of Movember.  I’m concluding my first Movember with this look:

It was fun for my first try out with Movember.  I look forward to having a clean face again.  I’m sure Anya is looking forward to that more than I do.

Obama for President, again.

Not really surprising, but congrats USA at last.

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