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The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

I finished reading The One Minute Manager by Kenneth and Spencer today.  It was a really fun read.  I read the whole book during transit on the bus to and from work.  I liked how the book had a storyline.  The authors used a young man seeking for advice on how to be an effective manager.  He looked everywhere and interviewed many people, but he was not satisfied with his findings.  Then he was introduced to the One Minute Manager.  The One Minute Manager introduced the young man to the three secrets of being an effective manager: one minute goals, one minute praisings, and one minute reprimands.  Each secret offers tips of managing and working with people.  The book was published in 1981, but all three secrets can still be applied today in workplaces.

Here are some of the highlights that stood out to me:

  • People who feel good about themselves produce good results.
  • Productivity is more than just the quantity of work done.  It is also quality.
  • Quality is simply giving people the product or service they really want and need.
  • The best way to achieve high productivity is through people.
  • The One Minute Manager always makes it clear what our responsibilities are and what we are being held accountable for.
  • Help people reach their full potential.  Catch them doing something right.
  • The more consistently successful your people are, the higher you rise in the organization.
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
  • Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behaviour matches your goals.
  • I reprimand the behaviour only. … My purpose in a One Minute Reprimand is to eliminate the behaviour and keep the person.
  • We are not just our behaviour.  We are the person managing our behaviour.
  • Goals begin behaviours.  Consequences maintain behaviours.
















Less blogging, more thesis-ing

Anya told me today that I need to focus on writing more thesis and less blogging.  There goes my hope to record my daily thoughts in 2015…  She had a point there, however.  Sacrifices do need to be made.  I’ve got lots to work on for my thesis.

Jacob Skripnitchenko

Today is dedicated to Jacob.








Congratulations to second time parents, Anatoli and Christina!  Elias, I know you will be an awesome big brother!

Adele Eva Cunningham Stewart

Today is dedicated to this little baby girl, Adele, daughter of proud parents: Sarah Cunningham and Derek Stewart.








Congratulations Sarah and Derek!  Welcome to parenthood.


I attended my Wednesdays Toastmasters club meeting at noon today.  I was very rusty!  The last Toastmasters meeting I went to was over a year ago.  This year, I’ll be doing more public speaking.  I have a feeling that my job will engage me with more facilitation in meetings and presentation of my branch products to other Ministry branches and divisions.  Becoming a better communicator is one of my three goals this year.  I’m hoping to improve through practice.

Andrew Clifford Stretch

Today is dedicated to A.C. Stretch:








Welcome to this world, Andy, and congratulations to Shauna and Nathan on their new baby boy!  What a curious, young lad!

Grind It Out

During my 1-on-1 with Kirn last Friday, I asked to move the two flex days before my China trip to during my trip so that I can save a couple of vacation days for later this year.  I might need it when summer comes.  This move means I won’t have any flex days at all in the next four weeks.  It will be a long four-week period without flex days.  If I can be productive in these four weeks, then the two weeks in China will be even sweeter.  Time to keep my head down and grind it out!

Training Laura

Laura and I met at the gym today.  I went over all the exercises I assigned her to do for the January workout.  It took two and a half hours to go over the list, but I’m glad we got through it.  I’m sure it was a bit information overload for her, but I’m confident that she will do well.  While I was putting the program together for her, I got all nostalgic about my personal training days.  I was a trainer for nine years (2003-2012).  Can’t believe that’s behind me already.  Kinda wish I could have kept going, but I needed a focus in my life.  Sacrifices had to be made.  Training Laura was a nice reminder of my past career.  Who knows, maybe at one point in my life, I’ll cross this path again and pick up training.  One way or another.  Sports and fitness are in my blood.  I can’t live without exercising!

Before & After – the Path

The contractors have been keeping busy downstairs and working on all sorts of things.  Framing.  Taping.  Electricals.  The path on the side of the house is all done now.  Here are before and after pictures:

p1 20RX9FUy

It sure makes a hell of a difference hiring contractors.  When I come home from work, something gets done.  When we were renovating Blackwood back in 2011, it was so much more tiring than this.  It was work, school, and then renovating.  By the end of each day, I remember, I would be bagged, but then I had to do my homework because I was taking classes for my masters at that time.  It was hell!  Although this time around it’ll be more expensive, it sure is worthy!  Moving ourselves up from downstairs took me three days, and I was wiped.

The One Minute Manager

Started reading The One Minute Manager today.  It’s pretty good so far.

I’ve also been trying out what Nicole and I discussed during the coaching session.  About which type of leaders we prefer in our society.  Authoritarian v.s. Empathetic.  About how we can’t force people to follow us.  Emperor Cao or people’s leader.  I feel like I’m starting to grow a bit more from the discussion in the coaching session.  It also made me realize that goals are essential for career development.  Things are getting better at work.  Still have problematic areas, but I think it’s on the way up.

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