Monthly Archives: October 2015


First week back to work

I think it went well.  It felt a bit weird going back to a new job in my former branch, but it somehow felt like I was heading home.  Home with data again.  Home with SAS and SQL scripts everywhere and these intellectual compositions produce reports other people use to run the province, country, and humanity.  The downside is that it comes with a huge workload and more readings of boring manuals.  The fun part is that I get to work with lots of awesome people.  It was a good week!

Things are going pretty well at home.  Anya and I are really digging our new neighbourhood.  Serena is liking her day care, and she’s more used to spending Wednesdays with Nainai.  Griffin laughs at my silly faces when I’m home from work.  The time away from my family makes me want to hold them closer.

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