Serena is going to see the dentist with Anya tomorrow for a regular checkup.  Anya has been getting S warmed up to the idea of teeth checking.  She’s pretty excited about it when I tucked her in bed.

“I’m going to the dentist tomorrow.”

“That’s good.”

“They will check my teeth and say Open Your Mouth.”

“That’s right.”

“Because I have tiny, teeny, lil teeeeeth.”

“Good night.”

Three seconds of silence later, Serena whispered, “open your mouth.”

She ended up staying up way too late, singing and making excuses to get out of her bed.  I hope it will be a good trip tomorrow at the dentist.

2 Replies to “Dentist”

  1. Awww!!!! This needs to go in the quote book.

    For the record, the appointment got cancelled 🙁

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