Quarantine Day 1

Today Mom and I started our Day 1 of the 14-day mandatory quarantine. It was a pretty quiet day. We got up around 9am and had breakfast around 10. Breakfast was called “baba” (粑粑), a Korean rice cake like main dish. Mom taught me and we cooked it with beef and veggies. Last time I had this was in Hunan. Mom brought it for nostalgic reasons as we can’t buy this in Canada.

The highlight of the day was seeing Anya and the kids from a safe distance. They stopped by for a quick wave before kids CrossFit. I’m going to miss hanging out with these guys.

I read most of the day. Almost finished the Ask for More book. Mom unpacked and did her daily routine with singing, dancing, praying and meditating. We had two meals and I already felt like I’ve gained 10 pounds. Mom’s food is so good, and I’m going to cook with her every day during this quarantine. I also did a core exercise routine. I intend to exercise every day from home. It’ll be something different.

Nainai loves Serena’s writing and drawing.