A Talk about Light Years

Today was Serena’s turn to be the Special Helper of her class. The theme of this third round of Special Helpers is We Are Scientists! Students are encouraged to bring in something Science-related to share with the class. Serena chose to do a presentation on space. Since the topic of space is too broad, we landed on something specific and explainable within the allowed time: light years.

I criticized Serena for leaving this to the last minute to prepare last night. Hope she’ll learn the lesson and start the prep work much earlier for future projects. For a last minute project, I thought she did a fantastic job. I might have been a little bit hands-on in this project, but she could use the help. Here is the PowerPoint slides Anya and I helped her put together.

Ms. Mcintyre said she did an astounding job and shared the video of her presentation on FreshGrade. Seeing Serena gives a presentation in front of her classmates gave me so many feels!

So proud of her.