Quarantine Day 6

One of the great things working for CIHI is that the organization values its people and encourages continuous learning. Steve approved my request to take the Crucial Conversations course despite some hurdles along the way. I started my two-day course today. It was an early start (6am!), but it was worthwhile.

One of the biggest takeaways from today’s course was the STATE my path technique they taught us to use for expressing our views in a way that makes it safe for others to hear them. I really like the Fact – Story – Ask part of the STATE (Share your facts, Tell your story, Ask for others’ paths, Talk tentatively, Encourage testing). In a difficult situation and when emotions are running high, we can apply the Fact-Story-Ask template to share our perspective with the other party.

Fact: I saw… I heard… I noticed…

Story: I’m starting to think… It seems to me… I’m wondering if…

Ask: How do you see it? Can you help understand…? What’s your view?

To put it in practice:

Hey Griffin, I noticed that you didn’t put away your toys as I asked you to for three times now. I’m starting to think that you were ignoring me on purpose. I know it’s not true and that you love me. Can you help me understand why you haven’t put your toys away yet?

There are so many other good tips and techniques I like and will practice with real world examples.

Great course! Highly recommended.