Quarantine Day 8

We are now passed the half way mark of our 14-day mandatory quarantine. Mom and I are blessed that we are healthy and have no ill symptoms. Another week to go.

It was a sunny day today. Last week, my good friend David reminded me about spraying the fruit trees. I looked up the quarantine rules and that it’s okay for me to go out to my backyard as it’s a closed private property. Therefore, it was a perfect day for spraying. David advised to only spray the pear, plum, cherry and apple trees. They were more susceptible to bugs than other fruit trees on the property: fig, apricot and black currant. The spray was mixed from dormant oil and sulfur; a package I had purchased from GardenWorks last year in preparation of this winter’s spray. Since this is my first year spraying the trees, David warned me that the spray was stinky and to avoid getting it on my clothes. I was wearing two masks and was still able to smell how stinky it was. Following David’s advice, I was covered from head to toe, to prevent splashes and stains. I didn’t take any pictures. I was also told that it’s best for the fruit trees to soak in the oil spray for the next 24 hours.

The weather report said it wouldn’t rain until Sunday afternoon. I’m hoping the weather team was right.