Shoe Dog

I finished reading Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog today. It was such a great read that I didn’t want it to end. I read the last chapter extra slowly and chewed on every sentence. The book was such an emotional journey. I laughed and I cried while reading it. Phil is such a phenomenal writer. He used simple language with short sentences that captivate readers’ attention. Reading this book was like sipping on a steamy cup of tea on a cold winter day; awakening and heartwarming. Anyone who enjoys a good read, is into entrepreneurship, or owns something from Nike should read this book. Highly recommended.

Leprechaun Trap

I was giving Griffin a bath tonight. He said something that almost brought tears to my eyes.

Griffin: Dad, I know how to make Leprechaun trap now. I learned it at school on St. Patrick’s Day.

Me: Oh? That’s cool.

Griffin: Next year, I’ll set up a trap and catch a Leprechaun. Then I’ll take his gold.

Me: Okay, but why do you want to get his gold?

Griffin: I’ll give it to you so that you can sell it for money.

Me: For money, eh?

Griffin: Yeah, so that you don’t have to work and play with me more.

I was choking up and didn’t know what to say back.

I should play with Griffin more.