Griffin’s Good Night Words

As a part of our bed time routine, I snuggle the kids for a bit and then tuck them in. When I was snuggling Griffin tonight, he said something sweet and cute that I want to remember forever:

“Dad, I wish I could cut your arm off so that I can snuggle you all night and you can tickle me whenever you want. Don’t worry, I’ll get some strong glue to glue your arm back during the day so you can use it when you need it.”

I wish I could naturally record my interactions with my kids. They are in such a sweet phase right now.

21 Years in Canada

Today marks 21 year I’ve been in Canada. Time flies when you are having fun. I still remember the first step I took on this land and the smell of fresh Canadian air. I didn’t plan to stay here for this long. Life has been good to me. I am blessed.


Today was Day 15 of our quarantine. I was planning on running over to my in-laws to surprise the kids. The plan was still valid until we got about 25cm of snow overnight. Since I haven’t left the house in the last 14 days, I couldn’t wait any longer to get out. It took about an hour to walk to my in-laws, and it was incredible to see and hug my love ones. Serena and Griffin were super happy to see me. Their excitement made me teary eyed. It was so nice to hug and kiss Anya again. I’ve missed her touches. My eternal gratefulness to my in-laws, who supported us tremendously through this weird and difficult time.

Loved and blessed.

My walk to see family
Hugging the kids for the first time after quarantine
Shoveling my in-laws’ driveway

Mama Arrives in Canada

I took the day off today to pick up my Mom from the Vancouver International Airport. Mom was originally planning to come in the summer to stay for two years under the requirement of her Canadian Permanent Resident Status Renewal Plan. She found a deal online to fly from Chengdu to Vancouver for only 2,066 Yuan, instead of the normal 8,000-10,000 Yuan. It was quite controversial for her to come during this global COVID pandemic, but it was a deal she didn’t want to pass. Mom was blessed to land in Vancouver safely. The trip from the airport to the ferry terminal was stressful because her flight was delayed and it was the last ferry back to the island. Anyway, it all worked out and we are now home safe and sound.

Tomorrow we start our 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Mom’s back. Jan. 29, 2021