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Almost every Monday night we have dinner at my Mom’s house.  Mom cooks good food for us.  We laugh and tell stories.  Serena has a good time playing with new toys.  Everyone is just generally happy.

Today, my Mom tried to discipline Serena.  S has been a bit loud in her highchair, talking a lot, and not eating her dinner.  In Chinese, Mom yelled, “Serena, you are not being polite.  It is now time to eat your dinner.”  Serena squinted her eyes and softly said, “You are not my Mom.”

Serena did give Nainai a hug later and said she was sorry.  What I was wondering was that at the age of two, how could she come up with such clever response?

The Calm Before the Storm

I had a really relaxing day today. I shot some hoops at the Steve Nash court this morning, mowed the lawn this afternoon and did some house chores, and had an amazing dinner (ribs, salmon, grilled red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, garlic, tomato salad, and garlic bread) with Anya and Boone. I’m now all charged up for summer school, which starts tomorrow.

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