Leprechaun Trap

I was giving Griffin a bath tonight. He said something that almost brought tears to my eyes.

Griffin: Dad, I know how to make Leprechaun trap now. I learned it at school on St. Patrick’s Day.

Me: Oh? That’s cool.

Griffin: Next year, I’ll set up a trap and catch a Leprechaun. Then I’ll take his gold.

Me: Okay, but why do you want to get his gold?

Griffin: I’ll give it to you so that you can sell it for money.

Me: For money, eh?

Griffin: Yeah, so that you don’t have to work and play with me more.

I was choking up and didn’t know what to say back.

I should play with Griffin more.

Griffin’s Good Night Words

As a part of our bed time routine, I snuggle the kids for a bit and then tuck them in. When I was snuggling Griffin tonight, he said something sweet and cute that I want to remember forever:

“Dad, I wish I could cut your arm off so that I can snuggle you all night and you can tickle me whenever you want. Don’t worry, I’ll get some strong glue to glue your arm back during the day so you can use it when you need it.”

I wish I could naturally record my interactions with my kids. They are in such a sweet phase right now.

Sing & Sign with Layla

I took Griffin to his first Sing and Sign class with Layla.  It was a success.  I definitely learned more than Griffin did.  G was a bit fussy because it was during his normal nap time; however, he was still pretty good considering he was really tired.  He slept well on our way home.

Griffin was the youngest kid there.  There were eight kids there, age ranged between six months to 22 months.  Layla was a really good teacher, so all the kids were listening and copying the signs Layla was demonstrating.  An hour went by very quickly.

The signs were a really good review for me.  Anya used to take Serena to the same class with Layla when S was about eight months, and I would learn signs from them when they came back from the class.  It was a big payoff for Serena to communicate with us.  These signs later were useful to transit from gestural to verbal communication when she was ready to speak.  I think she was considered an early talker too.  We are hoping this Sing and Sign class can be helpful to Griffin as well.

I found Layla’s website and she provides some helpful tips here: http://www.babysignswithlayla.com/benefits.html