Quarantine Day 3

Day 3. Back at work today. The house was weirdly quiet without the kids. Mom slept most of the morning. She’s still dealing with jet lag.

My colleagues were happy for me about Mom’s safe arrival. I could tell everyone was concerned about my health and me in this quarantine. Such kind and awesome people I work with. I belong to a great team.

When 7pm rolled around, I automatically started to get things ready for kids’ bed time, only to realize kids weren’t around. I miss these guys so much. Serena was sad today about us not able to spend Chinese New Year together this year. We settled on having a celebration on the weekend when we complete this quarantine and they are able to move back into the house. Thinking of CNY, I went back to last year’s photos and relived our Chinese New Year celebration in 2020.

Chinese New Year, 2020