Quarantine Day 10

Four more days to go. It’s so close, yet it seems so far away.

Mom is lovely. I cherish every moment with her. But damn, I miss my kids. I miss hugging them. I miss my wife. I miss kissing her. I even miss Holly and her nutty face.

Almost there. Four more days.

I kept myself busy every hour of the day. Here is the distraction for today:

Five most important lessons from COVID-19 according to leading Canadian experts in disease control and epidemiology:

  1. Socio-economic and health inequities have made some people more vulnerable.
  2. Canada’s division of health-care responsibilities is inefficient.
  3. Centralized decision-making in health care stifles innovation.
  4. Lack of coordination stymied research.
  5. Good messaging and communication matter.

Great points, especially the last one.

Reference: Five big lessons experts say Canada should learn from COVID-19. Jan 26, 2021