Personal Motivational Words

I have a white rubber bracelet that I’ve been wearing for a while now.  It’s one of those power balance like, hologram technology related bracelets that vendors claim you can “walk on water and sit on fire” with it.  It has in it some kind of precious metal from the Japanese mountains that will provide calm and serendipity to your lifestyle.  It also has the word “Life” written on it, and that was the reason I bought it.  I bought it around the time when we knew Griffin was conceived and was actually surviving.  At the time, the word “life” brought dynamic meanings to me.  I’ve been wearing it ever since to symbolize the new meaning of my life: to support and inspire lives that I encounter.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea of writing personal and motivational words on this bracelet to constantly remind myself what and how my life can impact others.  I borrowed a permanent marker from my mother-in-law.  I washed the bracelet clean with soap and left it dry for an hour so that the ink could stay on as long as possible.  It took about half an hour to decide which words to use and write them on the bracelet.  I ended up with these 10 words:

Growth.  Hero.  Strong.  Appreciate.  Breath.  Present.  Inspire.  Move.  Faith.  Empower.

After writing, I carefully left the bracelet alone to dry for two hours.  With excitement, I put the bracelet on to show Anya this greatest thing ever.  Unfortunately, it took only 10 minutes that all the words were wiped out by my sleeve.  Sad face!  I need to find a better permanent marker.