Lose 10 in Four

Anya has been going to a fitness class in the past four weeks.  The class is called Lose 10 in Four.  The participant(s) who lose(s) 10 pounds in four weeks (duration of the class) win(s) a one-month free pass to Crystal Pool.  Today is the last day of the class.  Anya has been doing very well exercising and eating properly during this time.  She’s very close to winning the prize.

It was almost three o’clock.  Kids were napping.  Anya called and said she won the prize.  I wanted to scream, instead I calmly acknowledged her success.  After we hung up the phone, the house was back to quiet again.  I felt a sense of pride.  I love it when people achieve their goals.  “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.”

Today, I am very proud of my wife.

Day 1 in the Gym

Brian and I threw some weights around in the gym at lunch today.  It was chest, shoulders, and triceps day.  A couple of chest exercises, one shoulders exercise, one triceps exercise, and finished off with a tri-set of chest, shoulders, and triceps.  My body took it pretty well.  An hour of basketball in the evening was a good way to wrap the day up with cardio.  I think it was a successful start of a fit 2016.